lose weight quickly tips
You have made a decision to lose weight – congratulations! You’ll feel healthy and fit before you know it. Many people delay going on a diet, as they dread the strict eating plan and laborious exercise regime. The workout idea itself is little encouraging, especially in winter! But what if we told you there are ways to lose weight without exercising and feeling deprived? See below all 8 methods to lose weight effortlessly.  

1. Write a meal plan

That’s right, plan for a whole day what you are going to eat – from breakfast, through to lunch to (an early) dinner. Allow a room for snacks as well – otherwise you won’t enjoy the whole process and will be more tempted to cheat – or to drop the diet altogether.  

2. Replace a meal with delicious protein shake

Have you ever thought of having a thick fruit smoothie for lunch? Well, now you can and it will do you good! Our tasty Meal Replacement Shakes will replenish all the necessary nutrition your body needs better than any other take away sandwich or packed lunch. Complete protein shakes can be mixed with water or milk of your choice into creamy smoothie and topped with bunch of fresh berries. Try one today!  

3. Have a balanced diet

That’s right, don’t go into extremes and eat only few snacks a day and one big meal – it’s not only the total calories intake that counts – it’s also the stability of the meals and the portions that keep your digestive system working properly – and supporting you in your weight loss efforts.  

4. Don’t skip breakfasts

That ties in nicely with the point above. Breakfasts are extremely important for many reasons. Morning meal provides us with plenty of energy for the day. By not eating breakfasts, we risk feeling strong cravings later in the day – and sugar rush in the evenings – both being very damaging for our diets.  

5. Resist snacking

That is a major diet pooper. Mindless eating – or snacking – while watching TV or working by the computer can sneak up hidden calories and store them in our waistlines. Have you ever watched “Secret Eaters”? Than you know how bad it is, you register your main nutritious meals, but completely forget about little guilty grubs you have in between.  

6. Don’t eat late

And by late we mean any time after 6pm. Yes, that early. Did you know that it takes twice as long for our system to digest foods we eat after that time? It means that what it’s not digested before a bed time is getting stored as fat.  

7. Get enough sleep

Night rest is the best cosmetic – and for many reasons. It not only restores our beauty, but also recharges leptin and ghrelin, two important hormones responsible for our healthy metabolism, sensation of being full after a meal and an ability to resist snacking. Make sure to always have between 5 and 8 hours of sleep every night.  

8. Drink plenty of water

Yes, water can help you fight off the hunger pangs too – we often take thirst for hunger, so by replacing fluids we can enjoy more satisfying diet experience.