sugar cravings

Understanding Sugar Cravings

We all get sugar cravings from time to time, but why is it that some people experience more sugar cravings than others?
Well it’s funny how our sugar cravings can get blamed for all sorts of reasons, including the time of the month before a Women’s Menstrual Cycle (Premenstrual) , or because we feel that we are simply very hungry, and get hunger pangs. Often we feel the need to eat something sweet fast to make us feel less hungry and give us the energy that we need straight away.
Sugar Cravings are like having a sugar addiction!
One of the real reasons why we find that we have these frequent sugar cravings has to do with our blood sugar levels, and the choices and habits of the foods that we choose to eat on a day to day basis. The real question of every girl's lips is how to stop sugar cravings?

Reduce Sugar Cravings by Controlling Blood Sugar.

When our blood sugar levels get low, this is when our bodies are telling us that we are hungry and that we need to eat. Therefore controlling our blood sugar and the amount of sugar that our foods contain is a crucial first step in controlling and reducing our sugar cravings.

The Glycemic Index.

An easy way to find out how much sugar our foods contain is by using a food scale called The Glycemic Index.

What is the Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic Index is a system that scores our foods between 1 and 100 on the amount of sugar (glucose) they contain, and the rate at which those sugars affect our blood sugar levels in our blood stream within our bodies when we consume them.
Glucose is pure sugar, therefore has a score of 100, and is absorbed into our blood stream very very fast. Any food that scores over 70 is deemed to be a high gi (glycemic index) food. Any food that is scored between 56 and 69 is deemed to be a moderate gi food (moderate in sugar), and any food that is scored under 55 is deemed to be a low G.I. food, and therefore the sugars in these foods get released much slower.

Why are Low GI foods better?

When we eat high sugar, high gi foods, our sugar levels in our bodies rocket giving us a sugar rush and a burst in our energy. When our sugar levels rocket, our bodies produce a hormone called insulin that is used in our blood stream to transport those sugars from our blood stream, into our organs and muscles to be used for energy.
The Insulin does this job so well, that all of the sugar in our blood drops rapidly, therefore giving us low blood sugar, and this is when we have our sugar cravings. Our sugar levels have just gone on a rollercoaster ride from high blood sugar, to low blood sugar, and basically we crave more sugar as soon as they hit rock bottom.
Therefore when we eat lower gi foods, the sugar in those foods is released into our blood stream at a much slower rate, giving us more energy over a longer period of time, without the blood sugar crash, which is not only better for our energy levels, but also for our hunger and sugar cravings throughout the day.

Stopping Sugar Cravings

Stopping sugar cravings is possible, but often can take a few days or so, but understanding how much sugar the food that we eat contains is a great start to stopping these sugar cravings for good!
This is where the Glycemic Index comes in handy.

Balancing Blood Sugar

Simply choose a diet which contains a large variety of low gi, low sugary foods, and you will find that you have less sugar rushes, and a lot more balanced blood sugar. With fewer sugar spikes in your blood stream, you will find that you are less likely to experience frequent sugar cravings, and less likely to feel hungry all the time and feel like you have little or no energy.

Low GI Cook Book

Here is a fantastic cook book on cooking low gi meals called GI High-Energy Cookbook: Low-GI Recipes for Weight Loss, Health and Vitality

Foods For Better Blood Sugar

Here is a great book on foods to help you to stop those sugar cravings called Stop Sugar Cravings - Magic Foods for Better Blood Sugar (Readers Digest)

What is your experience of sugar cravings, and do you find it hard to control? Do you have any sugary foods that you are addicted to? Leave a comment below, and we can discuss alternative foods for better blood sugar.