fun cardio workouts

Easy Fun Cardio Workouts

As a health professional, ex rugby player and general gym goer, it is hard to believe that I have been exercising for more than 25 years now. To be honest, my main passion has always been weight training, but over the years I have learnt to mix both weight training with cardiovascular exercise for great results. Weight training is a great way to exercise for overall strength and muscle tone, whilst cardio exercise is a very effective way burn body fat, whilst working your heart and lungs and boosting your overall fitness levels and health. It makes sense to include both in your weekly exercise routine. I have tried all types of cardio exercise over the years including body combat, spinning, running and rowing, but in my opinion it can get a bit boring, especially in the gym. It's not that I don't enjoy cardio exercise, per say, it's just that I can think of plenty of other ways to exercise that are more fun. If you are of the same opinion and need some helpful tips on how to create fun cardio workouts, then I think that you are in the right place. The good news is that cardio doesn't have to be boring, you just need a little imagination.

Tips For Fun Cardio Workouts

Here are a few clever ways that can make your cardio sessions a pleasure, rather than a chore:
  • Tip Number 1.
  • Take your cardio workouts outdoors.

    Exercising in a sweaty gym can have you literally climbing up the walls. Doing the same cardio week in and week out in the same gym environment is bound to get boring. Get a change of scenery and why not try doing your cardio in the fresh air? Outdoors cardio routines include fast walking, mountain biking, running, and even swimming.
  • Tip Number 2.
  • Set yourself a fun cardio workout calorie goal.

    There are many ways why doing cardio exercise is important including improving your heart and lung function, but personally I do it to keep my body fat levels low. My personal cardio goal after I have done my resistance training is to burn 300 calories. The good news is that once I have hit my goal, I can then go home, and because I am in the gym 5 days a week, I get to burn a whopping 1500 calories a week, for just 25 mins of cardio a day. I often pick 3 machines and do 100 calories on each.
  • Tip Number 3.
  • Combine your cardio exercise with resistance training.

    Just doing cardio exercise may suit some people, but adding resistance training to your exercise program will improve your strength and muscle tone too. Try doing 30 mins of resistance training, followed by 30 mins of cardio exercise. This way you only have to do 30 mins of cardio, instead of 45 mins to an hour.
  • Tip Number 4.
  • Put a time limit on each piece of cardio exercise equipment.

    Personally I get bored of cardio exercise after just 5 minutes, unless I have set myself a specific goal. Why not try to limit each piece of equipment to 10 minutes maximum. This way you can use the bike, rower, treadmill, stepper and x-trainer in one workout which will total 50 minutes of training.
  • Tip Number 5.
  • Go for a personal best.

    Seeing your training progress is very satisfying, and a lot of fun. Why not set yourself a specific exercise goal, and see if you can beat it each time you are in the gym. A few fun cardio workout goal ideas are; How fast can you run or walk 5K? How fast can you row 2000 metres? How many calories can you burn in 10 minutes? How long will it take you to burn 100 calories? (I use this one alot!) How many steps can you climb in 10 minutes on the stepper?
  • Tip Number 6.
  • Team sports provide fun cardio exercise.

    This is one of my favourite types of cardio exercise especially as a previous rugby player. Remember you don't have to train alone whilst doing cardio exercise, you can participate in all types of group activities such as rugby, football, ice-hockey and many more.
  • Tip Number 7.
  • A group exercise class is a fun cardio workout.

    Lastly this is one of my favourite ways of making cardio exercise more fun. Why not try participating in a group exercise class such as body combat, spinning or step. An hour of cardio exercise can go very quick, and it's alot more fun.
For more information on how to make your cardio workouts more fun, feel free to ask a question below. How do you make your cardio workouts more fun? Leave a comment below.