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Why Do Women Exercise?

It's interesting to find out what really drives a woman to make the decision to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle for good. We all think we know what the benefits of exercise are before we start, or when we are thinking about starting. Very often in my experience a woman has been thinking about losing weight and getting fitter for a very long time before making the final decision to start. For this particular woman whom shall remain anonymous, the main benefit of exercise was a desire to tone up and lose weight for her wedding day, but as you read the following story, the real benefits of exercise for women will be revealed.

What are the Real Benefits of Exercise?

Here is a great story of mine about the real benefits of exercise which I hope that you will find very inspirational. When I used to work in my local Health & Racquet Club in Plymouth selling new gym memberships, my employers at the time used to say to me, "We are not selling memberships, we are changing people’s lives". Now at the time changing people's lives seemed to be a rather grand statement, and more of a clever sales pitch. So was changing people's lives true? Had they already experienced how the real benefits of exercise can make a person feel? Well from my recent experience as a personal trainer and in my humble opinion, the statement “Changing people’s lives” certainly was true in fact. So what follows is a true story in 2011 of how I have helped to change a client of mine's life for the better. So early in 2011, a new client came to me looking to lose weight for her wedding day which was at the end of the year. She was out of shape due to having had a baby a few years previous, and knew that the benefits of exercise would help her as she was really determined to finally give it a go to reduce her body fat, lose weight, and get into better shape. Starting a new exercise plan was not only for her big day but also for her wedding dress fitting which was in 8 weeks from when she first started training with me. Her determination to start exercising was even more fueled by the staff at various wedding dress shops. When she told them that she wanted to postpone the wedding dress fitting to as late as possible because she wanted to lose some weight first, they laughed and told her "That's what they all say, but nobody ever does!”

Starting Exercise From Scratch

We started training outdoors 3 times a week in the mornings, before she had to go to work. It is also worth noting that due to her work schedule, she could only train 3 days in a row, with no rest between days, which can be very physically demanding, especially for someone new to exercise. So, we started training very hard and consistently, and some amazing benefits of exercise started to happen after just a few weeks...

The First Benefits of Exercise.

Firstly she immediately started to lose the extra fat from around her face. Instead of looking a little bloated, her facial features started coming back. The next thing that happened was she felt like she had more energy. Instead of feeling tired and sluggish during and after work, her energy levels increased! The next thing that happened was her confidence came back! Her parents noticed this very much, and especially her Dad. Before she started her Dad said to her, "Why are you having a personal trainer, you are not a footballer's wife!"

Great Exercise Results.

After just 6 weeks of training and after losing 2.1/2 inches from her waist, her Dad said, "You look fantastic, it's great to have my old daughter back! In fact he was so impressed he even offered to pay for her Personal Training right up to the wedding day! So after just a few months it was time for her wedding dress fittings...

Dropping a Dress Size.

My client couldn't believe it! As soon as she had finished trying on her wedding dresses she texted me to say "I can't believe it, not only have I dropped more than a dress size, I can actually get into a size 12!" She was over the moon! Finally here are a few other things that have happened, just from losing weight and getting fitter:

Mental Benefits of Exercise

My client said "I feel so much younger! Before I started training with you I felt so old and slow, but now I feel so much younger!" Amazingly this is what her fiancé said "You have got your sense of humour back!" Now this statement is truly a great one, and in fact I think this is my favourite! So next time when you ask yourself, what are the benefits of exercise and losing weight and getting back into shape, take a look at the following list of benefits of exercise for women. Which of these have you had, got, or lost, and would you like to get back?

Everything to Lose, so much to gain!

What benefits of exercise would you gain, by leading a healthier lifestyle, getting fitter or losing weight? • More Confidence... • More Body Confidence... • More Self Esteem... • More Energy... • Better Moods... • Healthier Sense of Humour... • More Pride... Now that summer is finally here, how do you feel about your body, and has your body had a knock on effect to other parts of your life?? What benefits have you received after starting a new exercise plan?