catching human parasites
We think that human parasites only affect those living in under developed countries, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we do things every day that could cost us catching an intestinal worm. Really – these are habits you don’t even realize to be doing, or cannot be asked to do properly – washing fruits and vegetables, wearing gloves while gardening, even cleaning your cat’s bed. Should we look at 9 most dangerous habits we do that can lead to parasite infection? Of course we should…  

1 Gardening

An abundance of parasites live in soil, so wearing protective gloves is a must. Potting in the garden can end up not only with a handsome tan but also with less handsome protozoa. These one-cell organisms live and multiply in human blood and tissue.  

2 Not covering the food

Buffets attract not only human diners. Flies are also very keen on joining in. You see, flies sit on surfaces you wouldn’t even dare to look at – human feces, decomposing food and other spots. This is a dream environment for Giardiasis. These worms get into our system via contact with feces – so flies sitting on our food could easily spread the giardia eggs. Make sure you use food nets and serviettes when keeping snacks on a table.  

3 Drinking infected water

Swimming can often lead to catching parasites, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s a country lake or a swimming pool. Never drink water from shared sources, avoid swimming in poorly monitored wells and getting into the water if you suffer diarrhea to prevent infecting others.  

4 Not washing your hands regularly

We touch different surfaces during a day - hand rails, bus doors, shops’ counters – these are perfect places for worms! Roundworm is often found nesting in the backyards and city streets and can get to your system after touching the infected area. It is important to sanitize your hands during a day, especially if you are working outdoors or travelling.  

5 Eating undercooked meat

Preparing your steak well done might actually save you from catching Toxoplasmosis – a parasite nesting in raw meat. It is important to cook your meat up to 160F (pork, beef and game) or 180F (poultry). Never taste the meat before it’s cooked. Toxoplasmosis infection can cause mild aches and pains and can lead to brain and eyes damage in more severe cases.  

6 Not cleaning your cats’ bed regularly

Cats unfortunately can give us number of parasites, including protozoa, roundworms, giardia and toxoplasmosis. It’s recommended to clean the cats’ beds regularly while wearing disposable gloves.  

7 Playing with dogs

While we all love big warm smooches, our pets can infect us with parasites found on the streets, in the feces or waste bins. Never allow your dog to lick your face. Wash hands after playing with dogs and groom them regularly.  

8 Using second hand clothing and furniture

These are common hiding places for lice and flees. Make sure to disinfect thrift store clothing and bargain buys before using them at home.  

9 Scratching anal areas

This can lead to spreading pinworm infection. Enterobiasis infects colon and rectum. Female pinworms crawl out and deposit eggs around an infected person’s anus area, while they are sleeping. This can lead to unwelcome symptoms such as anal irritation, restless sleep and swelling. Scratching makes the infection spread onto further areas we touch.   As you can see, catching parasite is easier than you think. But at the same time please remember that our body’s defense system can usually fight off the most common bugs. If however you need assistance, please consult a doctor, use special diet to ‘flush away’ parasites and pick a powerful Parasite Cleanse Kit to support you in your efforts.