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Parasites?! Where?!

Let’s face it. The idea of intestinal parasites inside your body certainly isn’t pretty. While such a notion may be unpleasant, it is worth considering, given that nearly 10% of the UK population* may have a parasitic infestation. If you are experiencing certain symptoms, you may discover this is the unhappy cause of your ailment.

Parasites are tiny organisms which feed off of other organisms. Inside the human body, these are most frequently small, even microscopic worms. Parasites enter your body through contaminated food or water, or contact with an infected person or animal. A parasite can last for several years in your body, living and reproducing in your gut (and depleting you of precious nutrients!).

Do you have symptoms that have not seemed to go away using traditional methods or medications?

Dysentery, nausea, bloating, insomnia, irritability, unexplained rashes or hives, weight loss, fatigue, and more can be indicators of the presence of parasites. If other causes have been ruled out, particularly if you experience these symptoms upon returning from international travel, it is very likely you have parasites hitching a ride in your body.

So, how do I get rid of the little pests?

The realisation that you have parasites in your body is not a fun one. Fortunately, there is a simple way to get rid of these internal freeloaders that works and will help you eliminate parasites for good.

Elle Belle UK’s Eliminateur Parasite Cleanse is the premier cleanse of its kind in the UK. This natural health supplement uses a specialised formula, combining tried-and-true parasite-killing herbs with nurturing minerals and extracts that support the process and promote balance within your body.

Eliminateur powerfully eradicates all adult parasites, worms, and eggs, then works to restore your body to its natural state. When taken in conjunction with our Probiotic Health Supplement, Probiotiques, the cleanse functions to introduce healthy, “good” bacteria back into your intestinal system, further balancing your wellbeing and preventing negative symptoms.

In addition to ridding your body of parasites and worms, Eliminateur is also effective in the treatment of oral herpes and mouth sores, fungal infections, and certain skin conditions, such as acne or eczema.

Many healthcare professionals across the UK recommend this product, often suggesting it as an excellent supplement to overall detox and cleansing programmes.

When it comes to your body, you only want the best, and we understand that. Elle Belle UK’s Eliminateur is powerful, yet doesn’t use harmful additives or harsh chemicals. Instead, we use the best of nature’s providence to steer your body back to a state of total wellness. Find relief today, and give our exceptional Eliminateur a try. With all-natural products, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.