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Top 11 toxic habits killing your body – change them now!

Each day our bodies are ‘bombarded’ with toxins, which can affect our regular functions and general health. Many common diseases such as flu, eczema and acne are initiated by acidic substances. Getting rid of those harmful elements doesn’t come easy
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Is your diet killing your health? Discover 5:2 rule!

Fast diet, also known as 5:2 diet, follows a simple rule of eating what you want for 5 days and ‘fasting’ for the remaining 2. The idea behind is to let us lose weight gradually without missing out on favorite
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4 common human parasites and the warning signs

Human parasites are little unwanted organisms living in our intestines, blood and on skin. They can be acquired from number of sources, which we have examined in our previous article – 9 everyday habits that lead to catching parasites. They
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How to kill a human parasite? 6 powerful foods to eat

Having parasites is not on anybody’s bucket list. But that doesn’t mean you will not encounter them at some point. Unfortunately this is not limited to impoverished countries, as human parasites can be picked up from various sources: raw fish
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Discover 5 incredible facts about krill oil

Krill (Euphausia superba) is a crustacean found in colder oceans – around the coasts of Antarctica, Canada and Japan. They are mainly a source of food for other bigger animals: whales, seals, penguins and fish. In Norwegian ‘krill’ means ‘whale
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How to beat candida with these 10 everyday foods

Candida albicans is a common yeast disorder. We all have healthy yeasts living in our mouth, guts and vagina. But these can get out of control when affected by antibiotics, stress, contraceptive pills and diet high in sugars. Once disturbed,
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7 surprising facts about dairy free milk

We are getting increasingly concerned about cow’s milk. It’s not only if you are lactose or gluten intolerant. Many people turn vegan and pull away from animal source foods. Others like me, a reformed vegetarian, are conscious about animal welfare
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8 easy tips on how to lose weight quickly without exercise

  You have made a decision to lose weight – congratulations! You’ll feel healthy and fit before you know it. Many people delay going on a diet, as they dread the strict eating plan and laborious exercise regime. The workout
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How To Stop Sugar Cravings

Understanding Sugar Cravings We all get sugar cravings from time to time, but why is it that some people experience more sugar cravings than others? Well it’s funny how our sugar cravings can get blamed for all sorts of reasons,
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